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CCTV and Monitoring

Our top of the range CCTV systems are a fully managed and monitored security solution, designed to take control of your site whether on a temporary or permanent basis. Combined with 3G connection, live audio warnings, alarm response, police contact and our unique downloadable App, our service provides you with 24 hour recording available to view for 30days. Our App which is downloadable and compatible with iPhone and Android technology enables you to log in to your site for remote viewing anytime, anywhere.

Once there is an activation on site, the system reports the alarm and footage back to the Control Room so our fully trained staff can assess the situation and respond to any false alarm or intruder as agreed with the client.

Upon verification of an intruder live audio warnings are given and the Police are called, followed by our mobile supervisor who attends the site to ensure the site remains secure overnight and to check for any damage, broken gates, fencing etc. On-Site Vision keeps a log of all activations and outcomes which can be compiled into a report for the client.

What Makes Us Different?

Most CCTV & MONITORING Companies rely on motion detection sensors programmed into the lenses of their cameras, these sensors detect movement; so flapping plastic, litter, foliage, flags etc which cause many false alarms. If the false alarms carry on, most monitoring stations just switch that camera off for the evening as they have to address and look at every alarm in order so they end up with a backlog to view. This means it can be up to 10 – 15 minutes late for an activation to be reviewed!

At Onsite Vision we reduce the sensitivity of motion detection sensors in the cameras and have the heat detecting, passive infrared (PIR) sensors linked to the cameras to activate first when a heat source is detected. This can only be humans, animals and vehicles.

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If you look at our list of ancillary equipment you will notice not only do we provide a viewing screen in the site cabin, we also supply a free App for a tablet or iPhone so you can view the site remotely anytime, anywhere.

The monitoring station is also NSI Gold “high integrity” certificated for Intruder, Fire and CCTV BS4818 monitoring and the station provides “virtual” alarm handling and telephony services over a totally integrated platform. We have two monitoring centres so you get two centres for the price of one with no interruption to service. Our commitment to you is to provide a first class service throughout the range of activities, administration, operations and general support, providing you with more time to concentrate on your site.


RSI – Videofied Alarms

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The RSI is a videofied alarm that takes multiple images which are transferred into a 5 second video clip for our Control Team. The RSI has a 12m effective range with 8m of Infrared and has to be activated by site staff using a Proximity Tag or keypad.

If your site is vacant we can operate this system remotely. These systems are ideal for pre demolition coverage that can then been upgraded to a full IP camera system once the site cabins have been set up.
As these systems are battery powered we find that the RSI system is very useful for Groundworkers, Road and Rail projects or any other sites in general that struggle to use mains power.

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